The UK will ban coal and certain types of wood for domestic burning


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The U.K. government is phasing out the sale of both wet wood and house coal for “domestic burning” as it seeks to encourage the use of cleaner fuels in households.

In an announcement Friday, the government said coal fires and wood-burning stoves — a traditional feature in many homes across the U.K. — were the “single largest source” of PM2.5, a fine particular matter that is classed as a pollutant.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), industry, cars, trucks and households, “emit complex mixtures of air pollutants,” a great deal of which are harmful to humans. The WHO states that, out of all of these, “fine particulate matter has the greatest effect on human health.”

Under the U.K. government’s plans, sales of wet wood and coal for domestic burning will be phased out between 2021 and 2023. The phasing out of sales of “bagged traditional house coal” will take place by February next year, while loose coal sold directly to customers from approved merchants will be phased out by February 2023.

This, the government said, would enable suppliers and homes to transition to cleaner types of fuel such as manufactured solid fuel and dry wood, which, according to authorities, generate less pollution and are less expensive and more efficient.

Restrictions on the sale of wet wood in packages of less than 2m3 – two cubic meters – will be introduced from February next year, while wet wood in bigger volumes will have to be “sold with…


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