Think Trump is tough on Twitter? Meet Ambassador Richard Grenell


U.S. envoy for the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, Richard Grenell speaks during a joint press conference held with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic (not seen) following their meeting in Belgrade, Serbia on January 24, 2020.

Milos Miskov | Anadolu Agency | Getty Images

Grenell may be a top diplomat, but there’s very little that’s diplomatic about his more bare-fisted approach on Twitter.

Most ambassadors are hardly known even to the D.C. press corps, let alone the general American public. But Grenell is cut from the same cloth as the Disruptor-in-Chief himself.

Now, enter Grenell’s latest series of Twitter takedowns. In three tweets Grenell posted Monday, the ambassador singled out European politicians for their complaints about the Trump administration’s disruptive approaches to NATO and E.U. policy.

Grenell chided all of them for, in his view, denying the U.S. the right to push back on Europe’s underfunding of its own defense and continuing to deal unfairly with America in its trade policies.

You can see by the above tweets that while Grenell’s aggressiveness comes through, so too does his unique ability to defend Trump’s policies in clear terms. Trump may speak even more bluntly, but when an experienced foreign policy expert like Grenell processes them through his own Twitter machine, it seems to add heft to every point.

There’s another invaluable service Grenell is doing for Trump in this election year. Right now, it’s still vital for Trump to prove he remains an innovator,…


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