Trump and Bloomberg escalate their personal war on the campaign trail


Michael Bloomberg and Donald Trump

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WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump called Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg a “mass of dead energy” and “a loser” on Thursday in a series of rancorous, personal tweets.

The former New York mayor then did something few Democratic presidential candidates have been willing to, so far: Respond in kind.

In a tweet quoting Trump’s insult, Bloomberg called the president a “carnival barking clown.”

The back-and-forth barbs represent an escalation of what is already a deeply personal clash between Bloomberg and Trump, two New York billionaires who for decades belonged to elite Manhattan social circles.

Bloomberg has yet to appear on a single presidential primary ballot, but his massive ad spending, growing online meme operation, rising poll numbers and personal biography appear to be making him an especially worrisome opponent to Trump. The president has tweeted more about Bloomberg in recent weeks than about any other Democratic candidate.

Since Tuesday, Trump has tweeted insults about Bloomberg at least five times, mocking his golf game, his height, and his debating skills. (Bloomberg is 5′ 8,” and Trump is 6’3″.)

During the same period, Trump has barely mentioned any of the leading candidates for the Democratic nomination. Instead he has focused his tweets on his recent impeachment and on the prison sentence prosecutors recommended for his longtime friend and political advisor, Roger Stone, who was convicted late last…


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